16 Jun

I landed in Accra at about 8.30pm (my flight got delayed while I was in Brussels as my layover). I was met by Alex (our in-county representative in Ghana) and his wife, Beatrice. We got a car and headed to the hotel. Straight away I was fascinated with the culture in Ghana. Despite it being late at night, the streets of Ghana certainly were not quiet. There were woman carrying food and random objects (e.g. cloths, headphones and steering wheel covers) on their heads and selling them; they would walk through the cars whenever there was traffic or when we stopped at traffic lights. I loved how they did this and wish this could happen in the UK as you would be able to buy food and water when you are in traffic for ages. We got to the hotel (called The Maglab) at around 10pm where I dumped my bags in my room. Alex then took me out for my first drink in Ghana. I had a Club which is a ghanaian beer and if you ever visit Ghana, I would definitely recommend this drink. We got back to the hotel just before 11pm and I ate chicken and fried rice - this was amazing. It was served with a spicy sauce called shito (very popular in Ghana) which I wasn`t a massive fan of since I am not a big fan of spice but I am sure I will get used to it.

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