16 Jun

I met Alex and Beatrice at 8am in the restaurant where we had breakfast (eggs, bread and milo). This wasn`t the best breakfast as I don`t like eggs but I did quite like the milo - it`s a chocolate drink but it is quite watery. I had my first water bag - it was very weird drinking water out of a bag and not a bottle or a glass but I guess I am going to have to get used to it). We then got a car to the main part of Accra (Osu) where we got my Ghana Identity Card. We also went to the MTN shop where we bought my SIM card, I could finally message my family (my family called Fra to make sure I had landed safely). On the car ride back to the hotel, Beatrice bought a fruit called pawpaw from a lady selling and cutting it in the street, it was nice but not my favourite fruit. We headed back to the hotel where I tried the traditional Ghanaian dish of Banku and Tilapia. The tilapia fish was really nice but I was not a fan of the Banku (this is cassava dough and cornflour mixed with water). It was served with a tomato stew I didn`t like because it was too spicy so the staff gave me some tomato ketchup (which contained way too much vinegar) along with some sliced onion and tomato to help with the spice. I then had the rest of the day to chill and rest. For tea, I had tilapia again but this time with spaghetti, it wasn’t spicy this time so I was able to eat it all.

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